Thursday, April 7

diz vid really touched me..
i'll do nything to take a good care both of u mom n dad..
i'll always do..
trust me..
i really miss both of u so do bro n sizzz..
much love, ur son.

Tuesday, April 5

buddy, u had made a rite decision to told me bout my fukin attitude..
yeah i know who am i..
so dun u ever told me to change..
if u really hope dat i will follow ur flow u r wrong..
thanx buddy..
from now on i will take my step away from u n ur fren..
dats wat u wan..hope i had never knew u..:D
tq MR B for told me yesterday..

Sunday, April 3

mate saye dah semakin kopak..
terima kasih..
nowadays sudah susah mau tdo..