Monday, March 14

*new message* oh its u ..fuck off

ITS not bout i really hate u babe (nurul shafiqah)..
iya lah..
sudah lame x text then tau2 muncul je..
u the want dat make me crush really hard on u bt at last u said u wanna be wif other guy..
wat u aspect me to feel??
so now..
y r u texting me??
searchin for me..??
calling me??
wanna meet me??
wat 4??
babe im so fukin sorry being rude to u..(tadi)
i know u wanna ask for apologizes..
i ady 4get bout it..
n dun really care anymore..
dun worry babe,.
we meet sumday..
dun worry..
once i knal u..
smpai ble2 i igt u la dear..

*sorry gambar lme dia..

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